In Elpis our perceptive of a man is defined by how God sees the man - in light of the instructions God gave man from the beginning and all through the scriptures. That might not really be politically correct as the times we live in make it easier to listen the voice of everyone as opposed to what the bible says - so we would rather be biblical correct than political correct. 

The man according to scriptures is meant to led, be the priest of the family (if he is married), be an income earner, a visionary, and a kingdom man. 

The kingdom man is the man who surrenders to the full authority of God and lives with the scriptures as his point of reference. 

  • In line with the above, we embrace men from all walks of life and what ever level they are on their either in life or in the Lord.
  • We learn how to become the Kingdom Man
  • We pray together, for each other and in general, building upon fellowship
  • We share experiences 
  • We laugh and we grow together.